Complaint Policy

Last Revised : 3th Dec, 2020

Policy Statement

It is the policy of BelcoBTM and its affiliates (“BelcoBTM”) to respond to all customer issues, disputes, and complaints quickly, decisively, and accurately. We will make every effort to reach a mutually agreeable resolution to each complaint.

What Is A Complaint?

A complaint, as defined by this policy, is defined as follows:

“An expression of dissatisfaction made to the company, related to our products and services, or the complaint-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected”

Any complainant who is dissatisfied with a product or service provided by BelcoBTM or one of its business partners, for any reason, may contact the company to complain. We accept both verbal and written complaints (phone calls, written letters, and emails).

Guiding Principles Of Effective Complaints Handling

  • Visibility: Our Complaints Handling policy is readily available on our website at, and instructions for complaints are displayed on every ATM.
  • Accessibility: Our Complaints Handling Policy is readily accessible to all business partners, employees, and customers. The policy is easy to understand and includes details on making and resolving complaints.
  • Responsiveness: When received via email, receipt of each complaint is acknowledged to the complainant immediately. Complaints will be treated courteously and kept informed of the progress of their complaint throughout the complaint-handling process.
  • Objectivity: Each complaint is addressed in an equitable, objective, and unbiased manner through the complaints-handling process.
  • Charges: There will be no charge to the complainant for making a complaint.
  • Confidentiality: Personally identifiable information and non-public information concerning the complainant are actively protected from disclosure unless the complainant expressly consents to its disclosure.
  • Customer-focused approach: All business partners and employees are committed to the efficient and fair resolution of complaints. We actively solicit feedback from our customers regularly and acknowledge a customer’s right to complain.
  • Accountability: All business partners and employees accept responsibility for effective complaint handling. The Compliance Officer will ensure that where appropriate, issues raised in the complaints handling process are reflected in partner and employee performance evaluation.
  • Continual Improvement: Our complaints handling process will be reviewed periodically, and at least annually, to aim to enhance its efficient delivery of effective outcomes.

Handling A Complaint

The primary method to notify us of a complaint is to call our dedicated 24-hour support team at +1-888-848-3033. The other methods for complaints are to send via the email and physical addresses below.

Customer Service

  • Address: BelcoBTM LLC, 185 Hudson Street, Suite 2500 Jersey City, NJ 07311
  • Phone: +1-888-848-3033
  • Email: support@

What Information Is Required When Making A Complaint?

When making a complaint, please provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact information. Please include an email address and daytime telephone number where we may reach you.
  • Your relationship with BelcoBTM. Please specify whether you are a customer, vendor, business partner, employee, etc.
  • The name of your BelcoBTM contact person. Please let us know who you’ve been working with at the company.
  • The nature of your complaint. Please list the dates and a detailed description of the cause of the complaint.

After reviewing the complaint, a member of management may contact you for additional information, including supporting documentation.

Assistance With Making A Complaint

If you require assistance in formulating or lodging a complaint, please reach out to our dedicated 24-hour support team at +1-888-848-3033.

Acknowledgement Of Complaints And Records Retention

We are committed to acknowledging all complaints immediately upon receipt. Once a complaint has been received, we will undertake an initial review of the complaint.

We endeavor to resolve complaints immediately (especially customer support-related items), but this may not be possible on all occasions. If our dedicated 24-hour support team is not able to promptly resolve the complaint, they will escalate it to the appropriate members of management. In cases where our review exceeds five (5) business days, we will contact you to inform you of the reason for the delay and indicate when we expect to be in a position to complete our review of the complaint.

Records of all complaints will be retained for no less than five (5) years. These records will include all dates of our communications with the complainant, including the date of initial receipt, dates of all subsequent communications, and the date of final disposition.

Your Rights During The Complaint Process

You have the right to inquire as to the status of your complaint by sending an email to support@ Someone will respond to your inquiry within 48-72 hours.

Response To A Complaint

Once we have reviewed, researched, and resolved your complaint, we will provide a written response that will also be provided to senior management. If you are dissatisfied with our response, you have the right to ask for a reconsideration of the response.  Your request should be made in writing and forwarded by email or by mail to the address provided above.


Thank you for your request. We will contact you
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